Our committees are dedicated to specific topics with the aim of identifying questions and answers, promoting the highest standards within the industry, engaging with different stakeholders outside the industry and solving challenges in the most efficient ways.

Floating Offshore Wind Committee

The Floating Offshore Wind Committee (FOWC) is a forum dedicated to identifying the questions and answers required for bringing floating wind technology to commercial scale. Chaired by Bruno Geschier (BW Ideol) and Clément Weber (Green Giraffe), the FOWC holds quarterly meetings in which members can learn and provide input on advancements in the industry.

The FOWC also consists of seven Subcommittees focused on seven key areas of floating wind: Insurance; Moorings; Operations & Maintenance; Cables & Floating Substations and Environment, Cohabitation & Marine Biodiversity; Serial Production (of Steel and Concrete Floating Substructures); and Interface Risk. They are chaired respectively by Ralf Skowronnek (Skowronnek & Bechnak); David Timmington (Griffin-Woodhouse Ltd.); Ilmas Bayati (PEAK Wind); Hayden Marcollo (Moorsure); Roland Teixeira (H2air); Darren McQuillan (Bardex); Azadeh Nassiri (Slaughter & May) and Sophie Fellah (BW Ideol). Within the Subcommittees, experienced technical and commercial experts from the floating offshore wind industry pool personal lessons learned on a monthly basis. These fruitful exchanges help identify hot topics for the industry based on practical experience, feed into existing research & development efforts, and ultimately bring the industry forward.



  • Insurance
  • Moorings
  • O&M
  • Cables and Floating Substations
  • Environment, Cohabitation & Marine Biodiversity
  • Serial Production (of Steel and Concrete Floating Substructures) 
  • Interface Risk 


Bruno Geschier (BW Ideol)
Clement Weber (Green Giraffe)
Louise Efthimiou (WFO)
Agni Argyri (WFO)


Offshore Dispute
Resolution Committee

The Offshore Dispute Resolution Committee (ODRC) is a forum dedicated to developing alternative dispute  resolution mechanisms to resolve global offshore wind disputes faster and more cost-effective. Chaired by Tobias Voigt (Carneades) and Christian Knütel (Hogan Lovells), the ODRC holds regular meetings during which members discuss and establish WFO’s dispute
resolution mechanisms.

To guarantee an effective management of the ODRC, WFO has created its Secretariat for Dispute Resolution Services to manage and support all activities and services initiated by the ODRC. The Secretariat for Dispute Resolution Services is comprised of three roles: Secretary General (Tobias Voigt), Deputy Secretary General (Christian Knütel) and Managing Secretary (Gunnar Herzig,

The ODRC has started to create a pool of offshore wind experts with proven track records in offshore wind dispute resolution. Interested offshore wind experts are encouraged to download the questionnaire below and to send it together with their CVs to WFO’s Gunnar Herzig.

Offshore Wind to Hydrogen Committee

The Offshore Wind to Hydrogen Committee (OWHC) is a forum dedicated to gaining insights into the industry and offshore wind to hydrogen projects through identifying key topics such as repurposing infrastructure and regulations across the globe. Chaired by Magnus Killingland (DNV), the OWHC holds quarterly meetings in which members can learn about the advancements in the industry and provide their input.

The OWHC currently has one Subcommittee (more to follow soon) focused on one of the most important subjects in offshore wind to hydrogen: Regulation. This Subcommittee is co-chaired by Marieke Lüdecke and Christos Paraschiakos (Chatham Partners). Within this Subcommittee, experts from the offshore wind and green hydrogen industry provide lessons learned on the regulatory aspects in various countries on a monthly basis.

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