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Our members are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that only by working together can we achieve our goal of making offshore wind one of the world’s leading sources of renewable energy. Find out more about the benefits of corporate membership.

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How we support offshore wind and our members. 



Conferences, panel discussions, committees, workshops, country circles or informal lunch and dinner meetings accompanied by a wide range of digital events and webinars. WFO is also organising joint trade fair appearances and is co-hosting several events together with governments and other organisations.



Based on market developments and requirements of our members WFO is organising Committees or Sub Committees dedicated to specific topics. These committees are holding regular online meetings in which members can learn and provide input on advancements in the industry.



WFO's biggest asset is the carefully selected network of members, experts and representatives. Being accepted as a member guarantees you not only access to this network but also to exclusive member only events around the globe.



Reports and other publications provide WFO's members and the public with key information on industry developments. Our Information activities also serve as an opportunity for collaboration with members on joint publications.



We are not only making offshore wind technology globally more visible and approachable but also giving our members a platform to be seen and recognised within the industry via various channels and events.

“bp is delighted to be part of WFO’s global offshore wind network!”

Richard Sandford, bp

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Global Offshore Wind Report

Access to WFO Summits worldwide


Webinar recordings

Bi-annual offshore wind report

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Global Offshore Wind Report

Access to WFO Summits worldwide


Webinar recordings

Bi-annual offshore wind report

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